Universiteit Maastricht zoekt onderneming die hightech informatiesysteem voor kankeronderzoek wil bouwen

Universiteit Maastricht zoekt een onderneming die een informatiesysteem wil bouwen voor kankeronderzoek. Het gaat om een zeer geavanceerd project. De kostprijs zal vele tonnen zijn.
We hebben alleen informatie in de Engelse taal gevonden over het project (meer info via  hans.schnock@maastrichtuniversity.nl ). 
The proposed system is intended to be used as a basis for developing for the framework for clinical cancer research.  This system should focus on an infrastructure to support the researcher to access, query, analyze, and report on clinical research data.  Basic issues such as data integration from multiple sources (clinical systems, PACS, information systems, data archives) should be addressed.  In addition, it should include data modeling tools to flexibly represent the data to support specific querying and viewing.  In addition, plug-ins for third party applications, including viewing, analysis and reporting tools should also be included.  Finally, networking between the sites for the project should be provided, so that data, models, and results can be shared between sites.  It is anticipated that this IT infrastructure would serve as the basis upon which the work would be conducted for the EuroCAT project.
The system should also have flexibility to support clinical research beyond that found in traditional data warehouses so that the researcher can dynamically conduct clinical studies without needing extensive coding every time.
The portal should include the following components:
Web based portal
System which will interface with and synchronize with clinical systems, including, but not limited to the following:
Electronic Medical File / Oncology Information System / Hospital Information System
Biobank database

Bron: wijlimburg.nl. Overgenomen met toestemming.